Frequently Asked Questions


Will my insurance cover this device?

How long will it take for me to receive my device?

How much does the device cost?

Can I just stop at one of your offices and pick up the device?

Can I get an extra device?

What kind of training do you have?

Do I bring the device back to you when I am done with it?

How do I clean my brace?

How long am I suppose to wear my device?

Why did my doctor order this device in the first place?


When should I add socks under my prosthesis?

How do I care for my liner? How do I keep them from smelling?

Can I wear my prostheses in the shower?

How long will this prosthesis last? How long will my liners last?

How do I get more supplies?

Can I wear my leg to bed?

What do I do if I get stuck in my leg?

What do I do if I get a sore on my residual limb?

Why do I still feel my toes? Is this common?

How long will it take to get my Prothesis?

Does insurance pay for my Prothesis?

What will my Prothesis look like?

How long do I wear my shrinker for each day?

Foot Orthotics

How long will my foot orthotics last?

What will my foot orthotics do for me?

What is different about your shoes than what I can buy at the store?

Do I have to follow the Break In Schedule for my new foot orthotics?

Why dont you have a larger selection of shoes?

How do I clean my foot orthotics?


How will I know when my child out grows their brace?

Will my child have to wear these the rest of his life?

When my child is breaking in their braces, does it count if his is sitting and not active at that time?

Cranial Helmets

What is deformational plagiocephaly?

Is deformational plagiocephaly more common than it used to be?

How do cranial remolding orthoses work?

How do I know if my infant needs a cranial remolding orthosis?

What is the ideal age for cranial remolding orthosis treatment?

What if my pediatrician tells me that my infant's head shape will correct on its own?

Why is treatment more effective between 3 - 6 months than at other ages?

Are there different kinds of cranial remolding orthoses?

Is one style of cranial remolding orthosis better than another?

Why would my physician refer me to North Texas Regional O&P for a cranial remolding orthosis manufactured by Orthomerica?

What kind of health care professional will be treating my child?

What is the history of cranial remolding orthoses?

What is the difference between a casting and scanning procedure?

Once my child is scanned by North Texas Regional, how long will it take to get my child's cranial remolding orthosis?

How often will my infant need to see the orthotist for follow-up and/or adjustments?

What kind of adjustments can we expect throughout the course of the treatment program?

How do I clean a starband Cranial Remolding Orthoses?

How should a starband orthosis fit on my baby's head?

If I have questions regarding my infant's orthosis and/or treatment program, whom should I contact?

How long will the cranial remolding orthosis treatment program last?

Will my child need more than one cranial remolding orthosis during treatment?

When will treatment be discontinued?

How often should I see my referring physician?

Will my insurance cover starband cranial remolding orthoses?

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