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The orthotics division of North Texas Regional of O&P specializes in customized bracing and innovative design. We strive to fit every patient we meet, no matter how challenging their pathology or physique. We are continuously researching the latest ideas, technology, and design to manufacture and deliver the best orthotic devices available.

Knee Orthosis
Elastic, Neoprene Sleeves, Don Joy, Townsend All Braces, OA Braces

Custom Made and Custom Fit AFO, KAFO, plastic, metal and hybrids

Cervical Collars
soft and rigid


Surgical Garments
lumbaSacral corsets, DorsLumbar, Abdominal supports, TLSOS

Spinal Orthosis
Custom Made and Custom Fit Body Jackets, Jewet hyper-extension, Cash Orthosis

Fracture Bracing
Elbow & knee splints, walking boots, Cock-up wrist splints, Custom made Gauntlets

Arch Supports
Custom molded, leather, soft Plastizote, semi-rigid

Custom Molded Shoes

Shoes Modification
Build ups, Wedges


Post op Bracing
ROM Bracing for elbow & knee, Hip Abduction bracing

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