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North Texas Regional goes above and beyond to make our pediatric patients feel welcomed! We even have a room outfitted just for them! We know making orthotic and prosthetic devices for children is totally different than making the same items for an adult. The abilities of the orthotist or prosthetist are challenged in completely different ways. The clinicians at North Texas Regional Orthotics and Prosthetics are educated and experienced in dealing with these challenges. From our practioner's experience at Scottish Rite Hospital for Children we know what type of devices will work best for each child. Knowing each child is different our custom braces will be fit to meet each child's specific needs. Each device is designed to support the active child. Our specialties and products allow for care of children with cerebral palsy, spina bifida, scoliosis, multiple sclerosis - and many other diagnosis.
Regularly scheduled follow-up appointments are also an important factor. They allow us to keep up with needed monitoring of the child's growth and development and changes needed in their care.

Cranial Helmets

North Texas Regional O&P uses the non-invasive STARscanner for cranial helmets:
Orthomerica® received 510(k) clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on July 3, 2001 to market the STARscanner™ for use in collecting head shape data for the fabrication of Orthomerica's cranial remolding orthose

The benefits of the STARscanner:

  • The scans are safe and take less than two seconds to complete
  • Three dimensional images of the babies head shape can be obtained
  • No messy traditional plaster casting is necessary
  • Technology advanced scans are recorded for patients parents and physicians to monitor changes in patients cranium
  • The state of the art software creates printable scanned cranial records of patients head and measurements provides insurance companies with needed information to make a more objective decision on whether to cover these needed devices.
  • A quicker turn-around time allows earlier treatment, and improves initial fit and function of the cranial orthosis.

STARscans™ are accurate
STARscans are accurate up to +-.5 mm. STARscans™ are safe The STARscanner has been classified and certified as a Class 1 laser scanning devise. Class 1 lasers are low-power lasers and are safe from all potential hazards. Other Class 1 laser products include laser printers, CD players, and CD-ROM devises.


STARscanner™ quantifies treatment progress
The STARscanner™ system comes complete with Comparison Utility software that compares an initial scan with follow-up scans. This function creates reports that allow the practitioner to document and quantify exactly where the cranial shape changes are occurring. In addition to taking specific measurements, the practitioner can print these reports for patient files, insurance companies, referring physicians, caregivers, and research.


How Does The STARscanner™ Work?

  1. The open-face stockinette is placed on patient. The stockinette is used to create an even scan of the patients head and alleviate any extraneous data in the scan.
  2. The patient is then placed on the STARscanner™face up. The parents can hold the child's lower body. The scanner is open on both ends and on the top, so the patient will not feel isolated. The practitioner presses a remote button to begin the 1.5-second scan.
  3. That's all! A print out can be seen immediately of the child's head and what is recommended. These screen scans can be saved to compare with future scans to see changes that the cranial helmet is making!
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