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The prosthetics division of North Texas Regional O&P is well known for the attention to detail and exceptional care we offer every prosthetic patient. We will work with your physician and therapist to have every detail managed in your prosthetic care.  We will push you to reach your goals and exceed them through top of the line prosthetic devices, therapy and one on one commitment to success.  If your tired of being a number or just another patient, come and experience the difference of a group of individuals who will take the time to listen to what your goals are and what you are looking for, without rushing you through.

C-Leg Certified
Otto Bock's most advanced computer controlled knee unit


Adult & Pediatric
Lower Limb prosthesis

Sports Specific Prosthesis
Running, golfing, jumping, swimming, showering

Light weight with safety in mind


Gel Liner Systems
With or without pins for reduced skin shear and excellent suspension

Energy Storing Feet
For the more active amputee

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